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The Huntsville Assistance Program does not receive any funding from any government entity.

Financial funding is provided by member Churches, through fundraising activities sponsored by the Huntsville Assistance Program, by other entities and by individuals.  The Director and officers make certain that the operating expenses are kept to the minimum and that the bulk of the donated funds are used to provide benevolent assistance to the needy residing in Madison County. 

The Director is compensated and oversees the entire benevolence program and volunteers.  The volunteers assist the Director by taking applications and interviewing clients, maintaining the Food Pantry and the Clearing House.   

To participate in a Huntsville Assistance Program sponsored fundraiser or to arrange to sponsor a fundraising effort for the Huntsville Assistance Program, please contact the Director.  

Non-member organizations and individuals may make continuing, periodic or a one-time tax deductible financial contribution to the Huntsville Assistance Program by mailing a check or money order payable to the Huntsville Assistance Program to the following address: 

Huntsville Assistance Program Inc.
1001 Monroe Street SW
Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Contributions can also be brought to the Huntsville Assistance Program Huntsville or Toney offices. 

Online contributions can made by clicking the following button:

The Huntsville Assistance Program also distributes Bibles and non-denomination spiritual literature to our clients and these items can also be donated at the Huntsville Assistance Program Huntsville and Toney offices.


The Huntsville Assistance Program has two broad categories of expenses, Direct Assistance Expense and Operational Expense.

The Direct Assistance Expense describes those funds expended to financially assist clients with their utilities, rent/mortgage, food and other unclassified needs.  The Director is responsible for authorizing this expense and makes decisions based upon the availability of funds, and the guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors.  The Director is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.    

There is a continuing need to keep the Huntsville Assistance Program Food Pantry stocked.  Distribution of food and non-food items is based upon a family of four for four days and is adjusted accordingly.  In order to encourage Clients to become self-sufficient in this area the Huntsville Assistance Program assists clients with their first purchase.   Acceptable items for the food pantry will be accepted from non-members; members and non-members may also designate money for the purchase of food pantry items. 

Please contact the Director to determine what items can be donated to the food pantry.   

Like all organizations, the Huntsville Assistance Program has Operational Expense in order to function.  The Director and Board of Directors are responsible to the member Churches and to those non-members who donate funds to the Huntsville Assistance Program, to ensure that the Operational Expenses are minimized.  The Director and Board of Directors are diligent to ensure that the bulk of the contributed funds are expended to assist the needy.  The office space for Huntsville Assistance Program-Huntsville is currently being paid for by the HAP board. While the Toney location is supplied at no cost and most of the office supplies and office equipment is donated by members or individuals.   The largest operational expense is for telephone communication/email services and payroll tax.